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school houses

School Houses at TGS

All students are placed in one of four Houses when they start at the school.

The goals for Houses are:

  • To grow school spirit
  • To encourage and improve participation in co-curricular activities
  • To provide a means by which every student can make a contribution to the school in arts, cultural, sporting and community activities
  • To provide a structure to further student leadership capabilities and opportunities

The Houses - Aotea, Arawa, Tainui and Tokomaru, the original Houses from 1928, were re-introduced in 2007 after a break of 40 years. They compete for the House Trophy which was first presented to the winning House, Tokomaru, in 1928.

Each House earns points throughout the year for service (mufti day collections), sports (athletics, swimming and associated relays), culture (haka challenge), arts (chant challenge, theatresports, dance) and a variety of other activities.
Houses are led by a staff member and student House Leaders and also have a designated colour.  Rivalry is intense when students dress in their House colours to compete.

House colours:
Aotea - Red, Tainui - Green, Arawa - Blue, Tokomaru - Yellow/Gold