tgs pta golf day

TGS PTA 10th Annual Golf Day 2015

A resounding success, we had perfect weather and very happy golfers.

A huge thanks to all who worked hard to make this fundraiser happen, and of course to all our wonderful sponsors, donors and teams from the community.

The PTA have raised $10,000 from the event.  

We're pleased to be able to donate the following to the Sports Department:

Lifejackets x 40 (PE)                                         $2325

Ball machine (cricket/tennis)                             $2900

Plyometric boxes (all sports teams)                  $1700

Rain/Shade shelters (football, rugby, cricket)   $1085


Save the date for the 11th TGS Golf Day - Thursday 3 November, 2016

Golf Day 2013

 Funds raised from the 2013 Golf Day were donated to the School as follows:

$2140 for sports equipment (2 tennis nets, cricket scoreboard, 1 set waterpolo caps, 10 netball/basketball nets, 3 cycle spin trainers);

$2300 for Media Department - wide screen TV for sharing student work;

$2000 for Performing Arts Department - 2 powered speakers as part of upgrade to performance venue;

$2000 to the School Hardship Fund

TGS PTA Golf Day 2012

Funds raised at the 8th Annual Golf Day have been well appreciated throughout the school:

6 new iPads and stands, now in constant use in the library;

Sports gazebo with TGS logo, to be used for sports and other events by TGS groups (see photo at left);

BBQ tables for student use. Sourcing and placement is still ongoing.


Thank you to the school and wider community for donations of prizes, to new and regular participants and to all our helpers for helping make Golf Day a success.


TGS Golf Day 2011